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Took medicine for growth delay, past 12 months

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample children who ever had a growth or developmental delay and received treatment or counseling for the problem in the past 12 months, this variable indicates how many times anyone took medicine for growth or developmental delay, past 12 months.
The Field Representative's Manual does not provide a definition for treatment or any criteria for counseling, therefore these terms are assumed to be respondent defined.
Variables related to GROWDMEDYR include the following, all of which are available only for 1988:

  • ever had a delay in growth or development (GROWDEV)
  • age when first noticed growth delay: Time period (GROWDAGETP)
  • age when first noticed growth delay: Number of units (GROWDAGENO)
  • ever received treatment or counseling for growth delay (GROWDTRETEV)
  • received treatment or counseling in the last 12 months (GROWDTRETYR)
  • if the growth or developmental delay caused the child to miss any time from school (GROWDMISSYR)
  • number school days missed from growth or developmental delay(GROWDMISSYRX)
  • attended special classes due to growth or developmental delay(GROWDCLASSYR)
  • saw or talked to a doctor, psychologist, or counslelor about the problem (GROWDTRETYRX)


This variable is only available for 1988.


  • 1988: Sample persons under age 18 who had delay in growth development.


  • 1988