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Degree of help from chelation, 2nd condition

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For sample adults in 2002 who had used chelation for their own health during the past 12 months (CHEYR) and had used chelation to treat at least one specific health problem or condition (CHETREAT), CHECON2HELP reports the degree of help that the respondent received from using chelation to treat the second of the three conditions considered most bothersome (CHECON2).

The 2002 NHIS recognized 74 conditions (including an "other" category) that respondents could have treated with chelation. (See CHETREAT for the full list.) To obtain responses to CHECON1, CHECON2, and CHECON3, the interviewer first asked, "For what health problems or conditions did you use chelation?" After recording all answers, the interviewer displayed the list of conditions reported by the respondent and asked, "Which three of these are the most bothersome?"

Respondents were then asked, "How much do you think chelation helped your (display for each condition)? Would you say a great deal, some, only a little, or not at all?" Responses to this question are reported in CHECON1HELP, CHECON2HELP, and CHECON3HELP.

Related Variables 

Variables similar to CHECON2HELP, which report the degree of help provided by other modalities of alternative medicine for the second of the three most bothersome conditions, include:

For more information on the full range of variables related to chelation, see CHEYR.


CHECON2HELP is only available for 2002.


  • 2002: Sample adults age 18+ who have seen a practitioner for chelation therapy during the past 12 months, who have used chelation therapy to treat a specific health problem or condition, and the health problem or condition specified was listed second as one of the three most bothersome health problems or conditions.


  • 2002