1969-1970 Occupation Codes (OCC)

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This page presents the occupational classification system recorded in OCC from 1969-1970 that was informed by the 1960 Classified Index of Occupation. The page shows each occupation category and its corresponding OCC code. In addition to these contemporary systems, IPUMS NHIS codes all survey years into the 1995 revised Standard Occupational Classification scheme, recording them in the variable OCC1995.

Occupation Categories

Code Occupation Title
Not in Universe
00 Not in universe
Professional, Technical, and Kindred Workers
01 Physicians, surgeons, and nurses
02 Teachers, including professors and instructors
03 Engineers, scientists, and technicians
04 All other professional and technical workers
Farmers and Farm Managers
10 Farmers
11 Farm managers
Managers, Clerical, and Sales
20 Managers, officials, and proprietors (except farm)
21 Mail carriers, baggagemen, and telegraph messengers
22 Stenographers, typists, secretaries, and receptionist
23 Other clerical
24 Sales workers
30 Construction, including carpenters
31 Machinists, mechanics, repairment, and metal craftsmen
32 All other craftsmen
40 Apprentice: construction
41 Apprentice: machinists, mechanics, and metals
42 Drivers and delivery men
43 Mine operatives and laborers
44 All other operatives
Private Household Workers
50 Housekeepers, laundresses, baby sitters, etc.
Service Workers
60 Protective service workers
61 All other service workers
70 Farm laborers
71 All other laborers except farm and mine
New worker
90 New worker

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