Articles and Presentations on IHIS

The third IHIS data brief demonstrates the use of person and episode-level injury data from IHIS to investigate age patterns in injuries. Brief 03: Age Patterns in the Causes and Nature of Non-Fatal Injury and Subsequent Care-Seeking Behavior

Our second installation of the IHIS data brief series higlights how IHIS data can be used to examine the ACA. Brief 02: Did the Affordable Care Act affect insurance coverage for young adults?

Check back for syntax files and other resources to help you explore the information presented in the data brief series and jump start your own analysis.

IHIS is debuting its data brief series, a set of concise research reports that highlight unique aspects of the IHIS database and interesting research topics that can be investigated using the data. Brief 01: Multigenerational Families and Food Insecurity in the United States, 1998-2013.

This video presentation from project manager, Julia Rivera Drew, covers the current state of the IHIS project and potential opportunities for the future of IHIS.

Article on IHIS in journal Historical Methods, Spring 2011

This article describes the features of IHIS prior to the Fall 2011 data release.

Article on IHIS in journal Epidemiology, November 2008

This article describes the rationale for and methods of the IHIS project. It is not, however, up to date on the variables and features currently available for IHIS.

Article on IHIS in Epidemiology Monitor newsletter, July-August 2010

This article describes of the features of IHIS, as of the August 2010 data release.

Powerpoint presentation on IHIS by Dr. Miriam King, APHA 2010

Clicking on "handout" under the author's name brings up a summary presentation of the rationale for and features of IHIS, as of the November 2010 data release.

Powerpoint presentation on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Data in IHIS by Dr. Brian Lee, APHA 2010

The 2002 and 2007 NHIS included extensive supplements on the use of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM), and these variables are now included in IHIS. Dr. Lee discusses IHIS and provides examples of results using CAM data.

Poster on "Taking Advantage of Health Data from 1969 to 2010 via Free Online Dissemination of Harmonized National Health Interview Survey Data," by Miriam King and Kathy Rowan, Academy Health Research Meeting, 2011

The poster includes four graphical examples of changes and differentials in health care utilization--for adult vaccinations, for annual doctor visits by children, and for unmet need for mental health care and medical care--across multiple decades, using IHIS data.

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