IPUMS NHIS Online Data Analysis System

This system uses high-speed tabulation software developed at UC-Berkeley's Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program. We welcome feedback on any aspect of the system.

On the right frame of the following screen you will need to specify the following:

Weights. Consult the variable description to determine the correct weight to use with any given variable. Because the National Health Interview Survey uses a complex sampling design with oversampling of some population sub-groups, weights must be used to produce accurate population-level results. For more information, see the user note on IPUMS NHIS weights.

Examples and screenshots are available in our instructions page.

We strongly advise opening the IPUMS NHIS website in another browser and consulting variable descriptions as you use the tabulator.

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Single-year Datasets

Multi-year Datasets

* Include the YEAR variable in analyses using the multi-year dataset.

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