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How long hearing aid used in the past

Codes and Frequencies

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For respondents that ever used a hearing aid but do not currently, HRAPASTLNG indicates how long the respondent used the hearing aid. Respondents could indicate one of seven response categories that ranged from "less than 6 weeks" to "15 years or more."


In 2007, the question for HRAPASTLNG was part of a supplement on hearing. For a broader description of the variables in the 2007 hearing supplement, see the description for HEARING, quality of hearing without hearing aid, available for 1997 to 2007.

Related Variables

Other variables related to the use of hearing aids also available in the2007 survey.


These include:

  • ever used a hearing aid (HRAEV)
  • health professional recommended hearing aid (HRAREC)
  • frequency of wearing hearing aid (HRAFREQ)
  • how long hearing aid used (current users) (HRANOWLNG)
  • how often used hearing aid in the past (HRAPASTOFT)
  • frequency of wearing hearing aid, past 12 months (HRAFREQ 2002, 2007)
  • use of an assistive listening device (see HRALDUSE for full list of devices; 1990, 2007)
  • why not use hearing aid (see HRANOHELP for full list of reasons why respondent does not use aid)


This variable is only available for 2007.


  • 2007: Sample adults age 18+ who have used hearing aid in the past but do not currently use hearing aid.


  • 2007