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Balance treatment: Air pressure pulses in ear

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults who reported ever treating their balance or dizziness problem (BALTRET), BALTREAIRP indicates whether the respondent had ever tried air pressure pulses in the ear, or a Meniette device, for the problem.

In 2008, the question for this variable was part of the Sample Adult Balance Supplement, sponsored by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.


The supplement consisted of a total 205 questions (some of which were only asked based on a previous response). A summary of the topics included in the supplement is provided under BALDIZYR

Related Variables

This variable is one of 23 variables specifying the type of treatment used for the balance or dizziness problem. Respondents could answer more than one, and the other 22 are included in the 2008 Supplement.


These include:

Other variables related to the use of health services for balance problems can be found under:

  • ever gone to the hospital for balance or dizziness (BALGOHOSPEV)
  • ever seen health professional for balance or dizziness (BALSAWHPEV)
see this description for types of health professionals seen)
  • times saw health professional, past 5 years for balance or dizziness (BALHPNO5Y)
  • times since first saw health professional for balance or dizziness (BALHPTIM1ST)
  • total number of health professionals seen for balance or dizziness (BALHPSEEN)
  • feel that the health professional helped with the balance or dizziness (BALHPHELP)
  • ever diagnosed by a health professional for the cause balance problem (BALHPDIAG)


BALTREAIRP has no comparability issues.


  • 2008: Sample adults age 18+ who have been treated for symptoms of dizziness or a balance problem.


  • 2008