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Had problem with dizziness or balance, past 12 months

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For sample adults, BALDIZYR reports whether the person had a problem with dizziness or balance in the last 12 months, not including when drinking alcohol. Please see the Comparability tab for information on how the this variable changed over time.

This variable is part of the Sample Adult Balance Supplement, which was sponsored by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.


In 2008, the question associated with this variable was asked of all sample adults; in 2016, the question was asked only of sample adults who have ever reported having problems with balance or dizziness (BALDIZEV). This change may affect comparability.


  • 2008: Sample adults age 18+.
  • 2016: Sample adults age 18+ who ever reported having problem with dizziness or balance


  • 2008, 2016