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Question ID:BAL.250_00.000

Instrument Variable Name:BCAUS
What did the doctor (s) or health care professional (s) tell you was the cause or causes of your (Fill: most bothersome or only feeling)?
* Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
* Read the list if necessary.
01 Antibiotics given through a needle or tube (I.V.)
02 Arthritis
03 Brain tumor
04 Cogan's syndrome or Sjogren's (SHO-grenz) syndrome
05 Loose or dislodged CRYSTALS in your ear or BPPV (benign positional vertigo)
06 Diabetes
07 Head or neck trauma or concussion
08 Heart disease
09 Inner ear infection
10 Meniere's (Men-e-AIRZ) disease
11 Migraine headaches
12 Neurological or muscular conditions (such as M.S., or M.D.)
13 Side effect or medicines or drugs
14 Stroke
15 TMJ or Temporal mandibular joint disorder
16 Other health problem(s)
97 Refused
99 Don't know
UniverseText:Sample adults 18+ who were told cause of symptoms of dizziness or balance problem
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