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Never saw a traditional healer

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults in 2007, FOKTHNEVER indicates whether the respondent had seen "None" of the following folk medicine practitioners for health reasons:

  • Native American Healer/Medicine man (FOKNAM)

The above variables provide a "Yes" or "No" response indicating whether sample adults had ever seen that type of practitioner for health reasons. A similar variable is available for sample children (but not for sample adults) in 2007, indicating whether they had not seen any of the above traditional healers in the past 12 months (FOKNOYR).

Respondents with a "Yes" response to FOKTHNEVER (i.e., those who had never seen any of the above practitioners) were not asked any further questions about their use of folk medicine. For more information on the full range of variables related to folk medicine, including definitions, see FOKYR.


FOKTHNEVER is only available for 2007.


  • 2007: Sample adults age 18+.


  • 2007