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Reason fell, past 12 months: Slipped

Codes and Frequencies

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For all sample adults who have fallen in the past 12 months (FELYR), this variable indicates whether respondents had fallen (during the past 12 months) because they slipped. Earlier in the survey, interviewers told respondents that a fall was defined as, "unexpectedly dropping to the floor or ground from a standing, walking or bending position."

In 2008, variables on falls or falling were included in the Sample Adult Balance Supplement.


For a description of the Supplement as well as a full list of the balance related topics and additional variables in the Supplement, see BALDIZYR.

Related Variables

This variable is one of 22 variables specifying reasons why the respondent fell. Respondents were asked to say yes or no to each reason; the other 21 are included in the 2008 Supplement.


These include:

  • had a problem using a walker, cane or other aid (FELWHYAID)
  • weakness or numbness in one or both legs (FELWHYNUMB)
  • problem with shoes, sandals or socks (FELWHYSHOE)

Other variables related to falls or falling include:

  • any of six symptoms accompanying the fall (e.g., a spinning sensation, FELARSPIN)

  • time missed from work due to fall (e.g., FELWKLOSNO)


FELWHYSLIP is only available for 2008.


  • 2008: Sample adults age 18+ who have fallen during the past 12 months.


  • 2008