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Now taking medicine to control behavior

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample children age 3 to 17 years, this variable indicates if the sample child took any medicine to control activity or behavior.


The Field Representative's Manual does not provide any criteria for medicine, therefore this term is assumed to be respondent defined. It also clarifies that if the respondent cannot give a 'yes or "no" answer to question but provides a particular medicine or drug that the child takes, the interviewer should not indicate yes, rather "footnote the name or description of the medication along with any other pertinent information the respondent supplies."

Related Variables

Variables related to EMOMEDNOW are included in the 1981and 1988 survey.


These include:

  • Ever saw counselor about emotional/behavioral problem (EMOCOUNSEV, 1981, 1988)
  • Last saw counselor about emotional problem: Within past year (EMOCOUNSYR1981, 1988)
  • Needed help for emotional/behavioral problem, past 12 months (EMONEEDYR1981, 1988)
  • Still seeing counselor about emotional/behavioral problem (EMOCOUNSTIL 1981 only)
  • Seeing counselor about emotional/behavioral problem: Recode (EMOCOUNSR 1981 only)


This variable is only available for 1981.


  • 1981: Sample persons age 3 to 17.


  • 1981