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Seeing counselor for emotional/behavioral problem: Recode

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample children age 3 to 17 who have seen a psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychoanalyst about any emotional, mental, or behavioral problem/behavioral problem, this variable is a recode of 3 variables that indicates to what extent the sample child was seeing or needed to seea counselor at the time of the survey. Recoded responses are "1" for currently seeing the counselor, "2" for saw or needed to see within the past year and "3" for did not see and did not need to see a counselor in the past year.

Related Variables

Variables related to EMOCOUNSYR are included in the 1981 survey.


These include:

  • Ever saw counselor about emotional/behavioral problem (EMOCOUNSEV, 1981, 1988)
  • Still seeing counselor about emotional problem (EMOCOUNSTIL1981)
  • Needed help for emotional/behavioral problem, past 12 months (EMONEEDYR1981, 1988)
  • Last saw counselor about emotional problem: Within past year (EMOCOUNSYR 1981, 1998 only)

The recode is created from EMOCOUNSTIL, EMOCOUNSYR and EMONEEDYR as follows:
If EMOCOUNSTIL is "20" then EMOCOUNSR ="1."
If EMOCOUNSYR is "1" or EMONEEDYR is "2" then EMOCOUNSR is "2."
If EMOCOUNSTIL is "10" and EMOCOUNSYR is "2" and EMONEEDYR is "1" then EMOCOUNSR is "3."


This variable is only available for 1981.


  • 1981: Sample persons age 3 to 17.


  • 1981