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Question ID: NAF.660_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: COLGDHAD
Questionnaire File Name: Sample Adult
Question Text:
Cologuard is a new type of stool test to check for colon cancer. Unlike other stool tests, Cologuard looks for changes in DNA in addition to checking for blood in your stool. The Cologuard test is shipped to your home in a box that includes a container for your stool sample.
Have you ever had a Cologuard test?
1 Yes
2 No
7 Refused
9 Don't know
Universe Text: Sample adults 40+
Skip Instructions:
(1) if HFOBHAD1=1 [goto COLGDPRT];
else [goto COLGD_MT]
(2,R,D]if COLHAD=2 or COL2=6 or COL_YR=(current year – 10) and COL_MT lt current month
or COL_YR lt (current year – 10) or COLT=4 and COLN ge 11 and COL2=R,D and
SIGHAD=2 or SIG2=5,6 or SIG_YR=(current year – 5) and SIG_MT lt current month
or SIG_YR lt (current year – 5) or SIGT=3 and SIGN gt 60 or SIGT=4 and SIGN ge 6
and SIG2=R,D and CTHEARD=2 or CTHADEV=2 or CT2=5,6 or CT_YR=(current year – 5)
and CT_MT lt current month or CT_YR lt (current year – 5) or CTT=3 and CTN gt 60 or CTT=4 and CTN ge 6
and CT2=R,D and HFOBHAD=2 or RHFO2 =2,3,4,5,6 or RHFO2_YR=(current year – 1)
and RHFO2_MT lt current month or RHFO2_YR lt (current year – 1) or RHFO2T=2 and RHFO2N gt 52 or
and RHFO2N gt 12 or RHFO2T=4 and RHFO2N ge 2 and RHFO2=R,D [goto COLPROB1];
else [goto next section]