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Year date of most recent skin exam


SKNXMDYR is a 4-digit-numeric variable.

0: Not in universe
9996: Time period format
9997: Unknown-refused
9998: Unknown-not ascertained
9999: Unknown-don't know


For sample adults who have ever had a skin cancer exam (SKNCANX), SKNXMDYR reports the year the most recent skin exam was done.

Researchers are advised to use the recoded variables SKNXMRMO and SKNXMGYR instead of SKNXMDYR.


Interviewers asked when the "MOST RECENT skin exam" was done and accepted responses given in either a month/year or a time period format. Responses given in a month/year format were recorded in two variables, SKNXMDMO (Month of most recent skin exam) and SKNXMDYR (Year of most recent skin exam). Responses given in a time period format were recorded in two variables, SKNXMNO (Time since skin exam: number of units) and SKNXMTP (Time since skin exam: Time period).

The 2000 NHIS Survey Description advises data analysts to use the summary recodes (SKNXMRMO, SKNXMGYR) "rather than the answers to the original sub questions [SKNXMDMO, SKNXMDYR, SKNXMNO, SKNXMTP, SKNXMEYR]" since "the recodes include all respondents who were eligible for the test, while the raw answers applied only to the subset of respondents who gave the time in a particular format."

For more information, please see SKNCANX.


Although the format of the questions varies between years, SKNXMDYR is generally comparable across years. Researchers should pay particular attention to the coding differences among years (See Survey Text tab.). Value "1931" in 2015 means "1931 or earlier", rather than the actual year, while sample of other years means actual year. However, it may not be an issue since there is no observation take value "1931" in 2015, and there is no observation take value "1931" or smaller in previous years.


  • 1992: Half of sample persons age 18+ in quarters 1 and 2, and in 2 weeks of quarter 3 (excluded from CAEP supplement) who ever had a skin cancer exam.
  • 2000; 2005; 2010; 2015: Sample adults age 18+ who ever had a skin cancer exam.


  • 1992, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015