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Currently use other form of tobacco

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For respondents age 17 and older, this variable indicates if the respondent used any other form of tobacco, such as snuff or chewing tobacco, at the time of the survey. Respondents could answer either chewing tobacco (CHEWNOW), snuff, (SNUFFNOW), "other" or "no." Other forms of tobacco asked about prior to this question on the survey, were cigars (CIGARNOW) and pipes (PIPENOW).


The Field Representative's Manual for 1970 noted if the respondent answered yes, but did not volunteer the form, the instructor should ask what form. Also, the interviewer should continue to ask "Any other form?" until they receive a negative reply.

In 1970, a respondent representing the family (a proxy) could answer the questions associated with OTOBACNOW for all other family members over age 17. As self-report is typically more accurate than proxy report, researchers may want to indicate this caveat when analyzing the data or interpreting results .


This variable is only available for 1970.


  • 1970: Persons age 17+.


  • 1970