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For respondents age 18 who have ever smoked at least 50 cigars (and those 17 and over who ever smoked any number of cigars in 1970), this variable indicates if the respondent smoked cigars at the time of the survey.


In 1987, the Field Representative's Manual noted that interviewers should include "cigarillos" as cigars, if asked. For all years, a cigar was respondent-defined.


This variable is completely comparable for 1987 forward. For 1970, apart from changes in the universe, the use of proxy reporting reduces comparability with all later years. In 1970, a respondent representing the family (a proxy) could answer the questions associated with CIGARNOW for all other family members over age 17. As self-report is typically more accurate than proxy report, researchers may want to indicate this caveat when analyzing the data or interpreting results and when comparing 1970 with all later years.


  • 1970: Persons age 17+ who have ever smoked cigars.
  • 1987; 1991: Sample persons age 18+ who smoked at least 50 cigars in their entire lives.
  • 1992: Half of sample persons age 18+ in quarters 1 and 2, and in 2 weeks of quarter 3 (excluded from CAEP supplement) who smoked at least 50 cigars in their entire lives.


  • 1970, 1987, 1991-1992