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Abdominal pain located above waistline

Codes and Frequencies

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ABPABOVWAST indicates if the respondent had pain above the waistline section of the abdomen.

Related Variables 

For interviews conducted in-person, respondents were shown a card depicting the torso of the body divided into nine sections, and were asked to indicate the numbers where their pain was located: (ABPCARLOC1, ABPCARLOC2, ABPCARLOC3, ABPCARLOC4, ABPCARLOC5, ABPCARLOC6, ABPCARLOC7, ABPCARLOC8, ABPCARLOC9).

For telephone interviews, respondents were asked if their pain was located above ABPABOVWAST), below (ABPBELOWAST), or around (ABPATWAST)the waistline, and, if their pain was located on the right side (ABPRITSIDE), left side (ABPLEFSIDE), or down the middle (ABPDOWNMID) of their abdomen.

Information gathered from the in-person and telephone interviews was then recoded to create variables corresponding to upper/above waistline right (ABPAINLOCR1), upper/above waistline midline (ABPAINLOCR2), upper/above waistline left (ABPAINLOCR3), mid/around waistline right (ABPAINLOCR4), mid/around waistline midline (ABPAINLOCR5), mid/around waistline left (ABPAINLOCR6), lower/below waistline right (ABPAINLOCR7), lower/below waistline midline
(ABPAINLOCR8), lower/below waistline left (ABPAINLOCR9).


This variable is only available in 1989.


  • 1989: Sample persons age 18+ who had abdominal pain 3 or more times in the past 12 months and were interviewed by telephone.


  • 1989