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Took vitamin C, past 12 months: Number of milligrams per pill


VITYVITCMG is a variable with five columns and no implied decimal place.

00000: NIU
99999: Unknown


For sample adults in 1987 who had taken vitamin or mineral supplements (VITANY) and vitamin C (VITAMINC) in the past 12 months, VITYVITCMG reports the number of milligrams of vitamin C in each pill taken by the respondent (VITYVITCPILS).

Data Collection

Respondents were asked, "How many milligrams of vitamin C are in each of the pills you took?"


The Field Representative's Manual instructed interviewers as follows:

Follow the procedure given for units in 3e when completing questions about milligrams. That is, just record the quantity, for example, record "Vitamin C 50.0 mg.-83 USRDA" as "50" on the milligram line. Take only whole numbers, drop decimals.

Related Variables 

It is possible to use both VITYVITCMG and VITYVITCPILS to determine the number of milligrams of vitamin C respondents were taking, on days they took vitamin C. The related variables VITAMINCMO and VITAMINCDMO report the frequency of respondents' use of vitamin C in number of months and number of days per month, respectively.

Analysts interested in the amount of vitamin C taken may wish to consult the following variables, which report similar information for other vitamins/minerals (all only available for 1987). Users should note that calcium is also measured in milligrams (a measure of quantity), but vitamins A and E are measured in international units (IUs, a measure of biological activity). Further, a direct comparison of IUs across substances is not possible. That is, 1,000 IUs of vitamin A is not equivalent to 1,000 IUs of vitamin E.

For more information on the full range of variables related to vitamins and minerals, see VITANY.


VITYVITCMG is only available for 1987.


  • 1987: Half of sample persons age 18+ who took vitamin/mineral supplements and took vitamin C in the past 12 months.


  • 1987