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For sample adults who reported knowing "a lot," "some," or "a little" about tuberculosis (TB) (TBKNOW),TBKNOWSPRED indicates whether respondents believed that they knew how TB is transmitted from one person to another.

Those with an affirmative response in TBKNOWSPRED were asked a follow-up question requiring them to pick specific modes of TB transmission from a list.


Respondents who answered "yes" to TBKNOWSPRED were asked if TB could be spread by:

  • Breathing the air around a person who is sick with TB (TBSICKAIR)
  • Through food and water (TBFOOD)
  • By sexual intercourse (TBSEX)
  • From mosquito or other insect bites (TBINSECT)


There are no comparability problems for TBKNOWSPRED.


  • 1994-1995: Half of sample persons age 18+ (excluded from Y2K supplement) who know a lot, some, or a little about TB (or for whom it was unknown how much they know about TB).


  • 1994-1995