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Where smoke at work: DK or refused

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample respondents age 18 and over who have worked in the past 2 weeks for a private company or in the public sector, smoke on some days, and ever smoked while at work, SMOKWORKDK indicates that when asked where he or she smokes at work, the respondent did not answer.

Related Variables

Related variables are included in the 1994 survey.


Responses specified on the survey included:

"in my work area" (SMOKWORKWA), "in a public area, such as a restroom, lunchroom, lobby, or other smoking area" (SMOKWORKPA), "outside the building" (SMOKWORKOUT), "not applicable -- I work outside or at different sites" (SMOKWORKNA), and "in my care or other vehicle"(SMOKWORKCAR).


This variable is only available for 1994.


  • 1994: Half of sample persons age 18+ (excluded from AIDS supplement) who were employed last two weeks in the private sector or federal, state, or local government, who currently smoke every day or some days, and who ever smoke at work


  • 1994