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Question ID: : ALT.956_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: REL_DISC
Question Text:
(book) ALT3 ?[F1]
DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS, did you let any of the CONVENTIONAL medical professionals know about your
use of [fill relaxation technique used most]?
1 Yes
2 No
7 Refused
9 Don't know
Universe Text: Sample Adult 18+ who used a relaxation technique past 12 months
Skip Instructions:
(1) [goto RELPROF]
(2,Refused,Don't know) if RELE_MED=2 [goto RELNOUSE];
elseif RELU_MED=2 [goto RELNOYR];
else [goto PRA_SLFE]
Question ID: : ALT.958_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: RELPROF
Question Text:
(book) ALT3 ?[F1]
Which ones?
*Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
01 Medical doctor (including specialists)_
02 Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)_
03 Nurse practitioner/Physician assistant_
04 Psychiatrist_
05 Dentist (including specialists)_
06 Psychologist/social worker_
07 Pharmacist_
97 Refused
99 Don't know
Universe Text: Sample adults 18+ who told conventional provider about use of relaxation techniques
Skip Instructions:
(1-7,Refused,Don't know) if RELE_MED=2 [goto RELNOUSE];_
elseif RELU_MED=2 [goto RELNOYR]; _
else [goto PRA_SLFE]