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Activity level, compared to peers: Recode

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons age 55 years and older who did not use a proxy respondent, PHYSACTIVER reports if compared to other people their age a sample person was physically more active, less active, and whether it was a lot more active, a little more active, a lot less active, or a little less active. Possible responses include "A lot more active", "A little more active", "More active, DK how much", "About as active", "A little less active", "A lot less active", and "Less active, DK how much".


PHYSACTIVER is a recoded variable combining responses in 1984 from (PHYSACTIVE) and (PHYSACTAMT).

The field representative's manual states that "Physical Activity" is respondent defined.


There are no comparability problems with PHYSACTIVER.


  • 1984: Sample persons age 55+ who did not use a proxy respondent.


  • 1984