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Needed but did not get adult day care, past 12 months

Codes and Frequencies

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NOTADULTDAY indicates whether the person needed but did not get adult day care during the past 12 months. NOTADULTDAY reports responses to the question, "During the past 12 months, was there a time when [person] needed any kind of the following services, but did not get them ... adult day care?" The question was intended to determine whether access to this specific type of health care was restricted at any time during the previous year, for any reason.

Definition of Adult Day Care

The Field Representative's Manual for 2001 contains a detailed definition of adult day care>.


Adult day care comes in two forms -- one called adult day health services (or 'medical model'), the other called adult day care (or 'social model'). Patterned somewhat after child day care services, these programs offer a safe, secure, stimulating environment for persons whose family circumstances allow them to remain in their homes in the evenings (and possibly on weekends), but who need some sort of supervision during the daytime.

Adult day care is particularly appropriate for a person whose needs are ordinarily met by their own family members, especially when those family members may have to work outside the home but are generally at home in the evenings and on weekends. Social model adult day care is, as the name implies, oriented toward the social aspects of life and may include games, memory orientation exercises, music, dancing and reading in a supervised atmosphere. Social adult day care programs also organize field trips and special events.

Most social programs do not have a medical component, such as a full-time nurse or physician on staff; however, staff at social programs maintain close contacts with the client's personal medical team in order to report observed significant changes in health care. Medical model adult day health care, on the other hand, has a strong medical component, is usually staffed by at least one full-time registered nurse able to administer medicine and perform routine medical tasks, as well as on-site physician back-up when needed. Most medical models have an affiliation with either a hospital or nursing home and provide social activities on top of medical services. Some adult day health care programs specialize in one segment of the population or another (for example, the blind, AIDS patients, etc.).

Related Variables 

NOTCARE indicates whether the person needed medical care or surgery but did not get it during the past 12 months. Other variables indicating specific types of medical care that the person needed but did not receive during the past 12 months include: NOTASSTLIVE (for assisted living); NOTDENTAL (for dental services); NOTGLASS (for eyeglasses); NOTHOMCARE (for home health care); NOTHOSPICE (for hospice care); NOTMEDS (for prescription medications); NOTMENTAL (for mental health services); and NOTNURSHOME (for nursing home care).


This variable is only available for 2001.


  • 2001: Persons age 18+.


  • 2001