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Frequency used third other medicine, past 3 months

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons under age 18 who took at least three medicines other than pain relievers, cough medicines, other cold medicines or remedies, asthma or allergy medicines, topical steroids, other skin ointments or slaves, laxatives, vitamins or minerals, tranquilizers or sedatives, and antibiotics in the past 2 weeks (MOMED32W), MOMED32WFREQ reports the frequency the person took or used the third medication during the past 3 months. MOMED32WFREQ is part of the "Medicine Use" section of the 1981 Child Health Supplement.

Related Variables about Third Other Medicine Use 

For those who respond "yes" to MOMED32W, the following information is also collected:

  • The main health problem the respondent used the third other medicine for (MOMED32WPROB),
  • Whether the respondent obtained the third other medicine via prescription (MOMED32WRX), and
  • Whether a doctor recommended the use of the third other medicine (MOMED32WDREC)

For a complete list of the medicines asked about in the Medicine Use section, please see MALL2W.


There are no comparability issues.


  • 1981: Sample persons under age 18 who took 3 or more other medicines in past two weeks (MOMED32W).


  • 1981