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Ever had abnormal mammogram results

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample females age 30 and over (40 and over for 1987) who ever had a mammogram, MAMAB reports whether the woman ever had abnormal mammogram results.

Related variables

In 1987, persons with abnormal results were asked:

additional tetsts

treatment or surgery

In 2000, women with abnormal results were if any follow-up was performed:

, No follow-up

Another mammogram


Clinical breast exam

Needle biopsy

Tumor/ lump removed/ lumpectomy

Breast removed/ mastectomy

In 2005, persons with abnormal results were asked if additional tests indicated cancer MAMABCAN .

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In addition to changes in the universe, MAMAB is not entirely comparable. In 2005, the question did not specifically ask whether the result was abnormal, but rather asked if additional procedures or medical visits were recommended.


  • 1987: Female sample persons age 40+ who have ever heard of a mammogram and have had a mammogram.
  • 2000; 2005: Female sample adults age 30+ who ever had mammogram.


  • 1987, 2000, 2005