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Significant fall occurred at work, past 3 months

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For sample adults who had two or more significant non-repetitive strain injuries or don't know or refused to report how many injuries they had in the past 3 months (INJSIGNUM) and had a significant injury due to a fall (INJSIGFALL) and were also injured at work (INJSIGWORK), INJSIGFALWRK reports whether they fell at work.

INJSIGFALHOM is part of the rotating core NHIS questions on sudden injury. For other core sudden injury and injury-related variables, please see INJANY.


There are no comparability issues.


  • 2020 2021: Sample adults age 18+ with 2 or more significant sudden injuries or don't know or refused to say if they had any (INJSIGNUM) AND who were injured as a result of a fall (INJSIGFALL) AND who were injured at work (INJSIGWORK).


  • 2020-2021