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Question ID: ACN.400_00.150

Instrument Variable Name: HRCAUS1
Question Text:
What is the MAIN cause of your hearing loss?
01 Present at birth because mother had German measles (Rubella) or Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
02 Present at birth for a genetic reason
03 Present at birth for some other reason, not including genetic or infectious disease
04 Infectious disease after birth (measles, meningitis, etc.)
05 Ear infections or Otitis Media
06 Ear injury (holes in the eardrum, etc.)
07 Ear surgery
08 Ear disease such as Meniere's Disease or Otosclerosis
09 Brain tumor (Acoustic Neuroma, etc)
10 Loud, brief noise from gunfire, blasts, or explosions
11 Noise exposure from machinery, aircraft, power tools, loud music, appliances, personal stereos or MP3 players, hair
dryers, etc.
12 Getting older/aging
13 Some other cause
97 Refused
99 Don't know
Universe Text: Sample adults 18+ whose hearing is not excellent, or who reported good hearing, but hear worse in one ear than
the other
Skip Instructions:
(1-13,R,D) if AHEARST1=6 and HRWORS=2 [goto HRPROBHP];
else [goto HRFAM]

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