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Covered by other health insurance plan after lay off/job loss

Codes and Frequencies

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For persons who lost their job or whose family member lost their job and lost coverage due to this job loss (LAIDOFLOSHI ="2"), this variable indicates if they were covered by some other (private) plan during the lay-off.

Related Variables
Respondents who answered they were covered by some other plan were asked if they were covered for the entire lay-off time, and those not covered by any other plan for the entire time were asked how long they were not covered by any kind of (private) insurance plan(HINOLAPYMO).

Respondents were then asked if they were covered by any public insurance programs such as Medicare, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), or military benefit programs (HINOJLCOV ="2"). Respondents who answered affirmatively were asked about the length of time covered by some health care (HINOJLITIM) during the job loss.


There are no comparability problems with HINOJLOI.


  • 1989: Persons who had lost health insurance coverage due to a job layoff or loss in the past 12 months.


  • 1989