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Amount paid per visit for folk medicine (dollars)


FOKPAID is a 3-digit-numeric variable.

996: Not in Universe
997: Unknown-refused
998: Unknown-not ascertained
999: Unknown-don't know


For sample adults in 2007 who have seen a practitioner for folk medicine during the past 12 months (FOKBOTANYR, FOKCURANYR, FOKESPIRYR, FOKNAMYR, FOKSHAMYR, FOKSOBADYR, or FOKYERBYR), FOKPAID reports the respondent's average out-of-pocket cost, in dollars, for each visit to a practitioner for folk medicine.

The 2002 and 2007 NHIS included supplements covering a range of alternative health practices (see ACUYR). Although information about the average out-of-pocket cost for folk medicine is available only for 2007, data about whether any of the costs of folk medicine were covered by insurance is available for 2002 (FOKINSURE).

In addition to including FOKPAID, the 2007 survey includes 19 other variables that provide data on the average out-of-pocket cost per visit to a practitioner or for a class for a particular alternative health modality, as well as data on the cost of alternative health materials purchased by the respondent. See ACUPAID for the full list.


FOKPAID is only available for 2007.


  • 2007: Sample adults age 18+ who have seen a traditional healer during hte past 12 months.
  • 2012: Sample adults age 18+ and sample children age 4-17 who don't know the total amount they paid for traditional healer in the past 12 months, but know the average per visit.


  • 2007, 2012