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Days exercised enough to sweat, past 7 days

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For sample persons age 12-21, EXSWEATDAY7 reports how many days of the past 7 days the respondent had exercising enough to sweat.

Youth Behavior Survey

EXSKATDAY7 and related variables are part of the Youth Behavior Survey (YBS), which was a follow-up survey to the main 1992 NHIS interview.


One to two months after their household took part in the 1992 NHIS interview, a sample of 12-21 year olds was contacted to participate in the YBS. For applicable households, field representatives in 1992 were asked to notify survey respondents at the time of the initial NHIS interview that there would be a follow-up YBS interview for some people. The Field Representative's Manual instructed field representatives as follows:

If there are any household members 12-21 years of age, explain to the respondent that one or more of these youths will be selected for the YBS and that a Census Bureau representative will be contacting them within the next couple of months. Also, leave with the respondent the brochure explaining the YBS.

Although an interviewer was present during the administration of the YBS questionnaire, the interviewers did not ask the survey questions. Instead, survey questions were pre-recorded on an audio cassette. Respondents were provided with a tape player and were instructed to rewind the tape as needed to hear a question again, to stop the tape as needed to think about a question before answering, and to ask the interviewer for help if they had any questions. This method of administering the survey was used so that respondents would feel comfortable answering questions honestly. Respondents marked their answers on the survey form themselves. According to the YBS survey form, the information provided by respondents would be "useful for developing programs to protect the health of young people throughout the [United States]."

Related YBS Exercise Variables

YBS respondents were asked about a wide range of health behaviors, including drug and alcohol use, diet, sexual activity, and other types of exercise.


In addition to being questioned about exercising enough to sweat, YBS respondents were asked how many days in the past week they had done the following physical activities:


There are no comparability problems for EXSWEATDAY7.


  • 1992: Sample persons age 12-21.


  • 1992