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Question ID: NAI.220_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: TRETMRC
If you've had more than one cancer diagnosis, please think about your most recent cancer diagnosis for the next few questions.
What types of treatment did you receive for this cancer? Please select all that apply.
*Read categories below.
01 Surgery to remove the tumor
02 Radiation
03 Chemotherapy
04 Hormonal treatments such as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex, Femara)
05 Bone marrow or stem cell transplant
06 Did not receive treatment
07 Other (specify)
97 Refused
99 Don't know
UniverseText: Sample adults 18+ who were ever told they had cancer
(7)[goto TMRCSPEC]
(6)[goto NFOC]
(1-5,R,D) [goto TRETBC]