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Ever had bowel trouble other than diarrhea

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons under age 18, BOWELNONDEV indicates if the child ever had persistent bowel trouble other than diarrhea. The inquiry did not require the problem be diagnosed by a doctor or health professional, and definitions of the term "bowel trouble " was not provided in the survey text or Field Representative's Manual and assumed to be respondent-defined.

The question for BOWELNONDEV was part of a series of questions on child health conditions in the 1988 Supplement on Child Health.

Related Variables

Along with BOWELNONDEV, respondents were asked if the child ever had any of 33 conditions, grouped in nine categories, and respondents could also specify up to three conditions not directly included in the inquiry.


Variables grouped with BOWELNONDEV in the condition list included:

TONSILSEV, ever have repeated tonsilitis; EARINFREQYR, ever have frequent ear infections; FALLERGYEV, ever had food or digestive allergy; DIARRHEAFEVever had frequent diarrhea; DIABETICEVEver told had diabetes; ANEMIAEVEver had anemia; and SICKLCELEV ever told had sickle cell anemia.


This variable is only available for 1988.


  • 1988: Sample persons under age 18.


  • 1988