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1 [] 17-64 (1)
2 [] Other (NP)

1a. During the past 12 months, has -- given or sold any blood to a blood bank, a hospital, the Red Cross, or anywhere else?

1 [] Y
2 [] N (2)

Hand Card B

For each time reported in 1b, ask:

c. Which of the reasons listed on this card best describes why -- gave blood (the last time/the time before that, etc.)? Please give me the number of the reason.

1. Sold blood.
2. Replaced blood used by a relative or friend.
3. Unpaid donation to a blood bank to assure free blood for this family in the future.
4. Other unpaid blood donation which was NOT for replacement and did NOT assure free blood for this family in the future.
5. Some other reason -- Specify

[The response indicates 4 rows listed in descending order from most recent to the least recent. The response choices are the same and only one row is indicated here.]

[Rows 1-4]
(Last time)

[] 1 (3)
[] 2 (3)
[] 3 (3)
[] 4 (3)
[] 5 (Specify) ____ (3)