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Question ID: BAL.120_05.000

Instrument Variable Name: BTRG_05
Questionnaire File Name: Sample Adult
Question Text:
* Read if necessary. Do any of the following usually cause or trigger your dizziness or balance problem(s)? Please say yes or no to each.
...A visual problem such as double vision, or your eyes "jerk", "bounce", move rapidly or oscillate
* If respondent is unable to do this activity for reasons OTHER than dizziness or balance, Enter '2'
Examples include respondents who are in a wheelchair, are deaf, blind, don?t have a driver?s license, etc.
1 Yes
2 No
7 Refused
9 Don't know
Universe Text: Sample adults 18+ have a dizziness or at least one balance symptom and does not almost always have unsteadiness
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(1,2,R,D) [goto BTRG_06]