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Balance problem trigger: Walk down grocery aisle

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For sample adults who had a balance or dizziness problem in the past 12 months (BALDIZYR) or who had identified a most bothersome balance or dizziness problem (BALSBOTHER), BALTRIGROC reports whether the balance problem is triggered when the person walks down a grocery store aisle.

The questionnaire text states that if the person is unable to do this activity for reasons other than dizziness or balance, the response is recorded as "No." Examples include persons who are in a wheelchair, are deaf, blind, don't have a driver's license, etc.

This variable was part of the Sample Adult Balance Supplement, sponsored by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.


In 2008, this variable corresponds to whether the action triggers the most bothersome dizziness symptom (BALSBOTHER). In 2016, the question refers more generally to whether the action usually triggers dizziness or balance problem(s); otherwise this variable is largely comparable over time.


  • 2008: Sample adults age 18+ who have had symptoms of dizziness or at least one balance problem and do not almost always have unsteadiness.
  • 2016: Sample adults 18+ who had a dizziness or balance problem in the past 12 months or who identified a most bothersome dizziness or balance symptom or did not know or refused to identify their most bothersome dizziness or balance symptom.


  • 2008, 2016