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Question ID: : CAL.115_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: CAY_COND
Question Text:
DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS, for what health problems or conditions did [fill: S.C. name] use ayurveda?
*Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
01 Abdominal pain
02 Acid reflux or heartburn
03 Allergies other than hay fever, respiratory allergies, food or digestive allergies, or skin allergies
04 Anemia
05 Anxiety or stress
06 Arthritis
07 Asthma
08 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)/Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
09 Autism
10 Back or neck pain
11 Cancer
12 Cerebral palsy
13 Chickenpox
14 Congenital heart disease
15 Cystic fibrosis
16 Depression
17 Diabetes
18 Down syndrome
19 Eczema or skin allergy
20 Fatigue or lack of energy
21 Fever
22 Food or digestive allergy
23 Frequent or repeated diarrhea or colitis
24 Migraine headaches
25 Gum disease
26 Hay Fever
27 Head or chest cold
28 Hearing problem
29 Incontinence, including bed wetting
30 Influenza or pneumonia
31 Insomnia or trouble sleeping
32 Lung or breathing problem, other than Asthma
33 Mental Retardation
34 Menstrual problems
35 Muscular dystrophy
36 Nausea and/or vomiting
37 Neurological problems
38 Other chronic pain
39 Other developmental delay
40 Other heart condition
41 Phobia or fears
42 Problems with being overweight
43 Non-migraine headaches
44 Recurring constipation
45 Respiratory allergy
46 Seizures
47 Severe acne
48 Sickle cell anemia
49 Sinusitis
50 Skin problems other than eczema, acne, or warts
51 Sore throat other than strep or tonsillitis
52 Strep throat or tonsillitis
53 Stuttering or stammering
54 Three or more ear infections
55 Urinary problems, including urinary tract infection
56 Vision problem
57 Warts
58 Other specify
97 Refused
99 Don't know
Universe Text: Sample children LT 18 who used ayurveda for a problem or condition
Skip Instructions:
(1-57,R,D) Cycle through modalities, if CBI_USEM = 1 [goto CBI_TRET];
else [goto next selected modality.] If no more modalities selected [goto TRD]
(58) [goto CAY_SPEC]
Question ID: : CAL.116_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: CAY_SPEC
Question Text:
*Enter condition for which ayurveda was used. If respondent gives more than one condition, probe for condition most
important for using ayurveda.
97 Refused
99 Don't know
Verbatim Verbatim response
Universe Text: Sample children LT 18 who used ayurveda for other problem or condition
Skip Instructions:
(allow 75,R,D) Cycle through modalities, if CBI_USEM = 1 [goto CBI_TRET];
else [goto next selected modality.] If no more modalities selected [goto TRD]

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For what health problems or conditions did you use ayurveda?


(1) Yes
(2) No
(7) Refused
(9) Don't know
AYUCON01 (01) Allergic reaction to food
AYUCON02 (02) Allergic reaction to medication
AYUCON03 (03) Angina
AYUCON04 (04) Anxiety/depression
AYUCON05 (05) Arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia
AYUCON06 (06) Asthma
AYUCON07 (07) Benign tumors, cysts
AYUCON08 (08) Birth defect
AYUCON09 (09) Bowel problems or constipation
AYUCON10 (10) Cancer
AYUCON11 (11) Cataracts
AYUCON12 (12) Cholesterol
AYUCON13 (13) Chronic bronchitis
AYUCON14 (14) Recurring pain
AYUCON15 (15) Circulation problems (other than in the legs)
AYUCON16 (16) Congestive heart failure
AYUCON17 (17) Coronary heart disease
AYUCON18 (18) Diabetes
AYUCON19 (19) Diabetic retinopathy
AYUCON20 (20) Emphysema
AYUCON21 (21) Excessive sleepiness during the day
AYUCON22 (22) Jaw pain
AYUCON23 (23) Fracture, bone/joint injury
AYUCON24 (24) Glaucoma
AYUCON25 (25) Gynecologic problems
AYUCON26 (26) Hay fever
AYUCON27 (27) Hearing problem
AYUCON28 (28) Heart attack
AYUCON29 (29) Heart condition or disease
AYUCON30 (30) Hernia
AYUCON31 (31) Hypertension
AYUCON32 (32) Irregular heartbeat
AYUCON33 (33) Knee problems (not arthritis, not joint injury)
AYUCON34 (34) Lung/breathing problem (not already listed)
AYUCON35 (35) Macular degeneration
AYUCON36 (36) Menopause
AYUCON37 (37) Menstrual problems
AYUCON38 (38) Mental retardation
AYUCON39 (39) Joint pain or stiffness
AYUCON40 (40) Missing limbs (fingers, toes, or digits), amputee
AYUCON41 (41) Multiple sclerosis
AYUCON42 (42) Neuropathy
AYUCON43 (43) Osteoporosis, tendinitis
AYUCON44 (44) Other developmental problem
AYUCON45 (45) Other injury
AYUCON46 (46) Other nerve damage, including carpal tunnel syndrome
AYUCON47 (47) Parkinson's
AYUCON48 (48) Polio (myelitis), paralysis, para/quadriplegia
AYUCON49 (49) Poor circulation in your legs
AYUCON50 (50) Insomnia or trouble sleeping
AYUCON51 (51) Liver problem
AYUCON52 (52) Dental pain
AYUCON53 (53) Prostate trouble or impotence
AYUCON54 (54) Seizures
AYUCON55 (55) Senility
AYUCON56 (56) Sinusitis
AYUCON57 (57) Skin problems
AYUCON58 (58) Sprain or strain
AYUCON59 (59) Stroke
AYUCON60 (60) Text of first other specify
AYUCON61 (61) Text of second other specify
AYUCON62 (62) Thyroid problem
AYUCON63 (63) Ulcer
AYUCON64 (64) Urinary problem
AYUCON65 (65) Varicose veins, hemorrhoids
AYUCON66 (66) Vision problems (not already listed)
AYUCON67 (67) Weak or failing kidneys
AYUCON68 (68) Weight problems
AYUCON69 (69) Back pain or problem
AYUCON70 (70) Head or chest cold
AYUCON71 (71) Neck pain or problem
AYUCON72 (72) Severe headache or migraine
AYUCON73 (73) Stomach or intestinal illness
AYUCON74 (74) Other, specify