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Used ayurveda for: Phobias

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults age 18+ in 2007 and sample children under 18 in 2007 who had seen a practitioner for ayurveda in the past 12 months (AYUYR) and had used ayurveda to treat a specific health problem or condition (AYUTREAT), AYUTPHOBIA indicates whether the person had used ayurveda to treat phobias.

Related Variables

Phobias were one of 31 possible specific conditions that both sample adults and sample children could report treating with ayurveda.


The other such conditions such are:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (AYUTADD, 2007 only)
  • constipation needing medication (AYUTCONST, 2007 only)
  • influenza or pneumonia (AYUTFLU, 2007 only)
  • migraine or severe headache (AYUTMIG)
  • other developmental problem (AYUTODD)
  • other lung or breathing problem (AYUTOLUNG)
  • other musculoskeletal problem (AYUTOMUSC, 2007 only)

Additionally, there are 72 other conditions sample adults only could report treating with ayurveda, and 28 other conditions that could be reported for sample children only. For the full list of conditions, see AYUTREAT.

Ayurveda is one of 16 modalities of alternative medicine that were included in the 2002 and 2007 Alternative Health Supplements. Persons could report treating phobias by 15 of those methods. (The omitted alternative method is prayer, which was included as a treatment for specific health problems in the 2002 survey only. See PRASELFEV for more information.) Analysts interested in the treatment of phobias by other alternative therapies should see AYUYR for the full list of alternative medicine treatments and a summary of other ayurveda-related questions, as well as definitions.


This variable is only available for 2007. However, the questions wording differs slightly between sample adults and sample children. Sample adults were asked, "For what health problems or conditions did you use ayurveda?" The question wording for sample children emphasizes that the ayurveda treatment must have occurred within the past 12 months: "DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS, for what health problems or conditions did [fill: sample child's name] use ayurveda?" This difference in question wording is minimized, however, because two of the questions for sample adults preceding AYUTPHOBIA (AYUYR and AYUNO) did specify the 12 month time frame. Persons were only asked the question for AYUTPHOBIA if they had earlier indicated in AYUYR that they had in fact seen a practitioner for ayurveda during the past 12 months.


  • 2007: Sample adults age 18+ and sample children under 18 who have seen a practitioner for ayurveda during the past 12 months and have used ayurveda for a specific health problem or condition.


  • 2007