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For sample persons age 18 years and older, ACTLEVEL reports the sample person's physical activity level in kilocalories per kilograms per day. Possible response include "Sedentary (1.5-2.9 kcal/kg/day)", "Moderately active (1.5-2.9 kcal/kg/day)", and "Very active (3.0+ kcal/kg/day)".


ACTLEVEL is a recode of variables comprised of whether the sample person's disability was observed (DISABLEOBS), if the sample person had done any exercise or sports during the past 2 weeks (EXERANY2WKPH), and the sample person's expenditure of kilocalories per kilogram per day (KCAL).


There are no comparability problems with ACTLEVEL.


  • 1998: Sample adults age 18+.


  • 1998