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When got prescription meds for 1st vitamin supplement condition treated

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults in 2007 who had received prescription medication (VIT1TPMED) for the condition they used a first vitamin supplement for the most (VIT1TCONMOST), VIT1TPMEDTIM indicates whether they received such prescription medication before, at about the same time, or after they began using the first vitamin supplement.

To collect this information, interviewers asked, "Did you receive any of these conventional medical treatments for [condition for which first vitamin supplement was used the most]?" and entered all treatments reported by the respondent. For each treatment reported, interviewers asked whether such treatment was received before, at about the same time, or after beginning to take the first vitamin supplement.

Related Variables 

Similar information was collected on the use of other conventional medical treatments, and the timing of those conventional treatments, in the following variables:

  • Received mental health counseling (VIT1TCOUN)
  • Received over-the-counter medications (VIT1TNPMED)
  • Received physical therapy (VIT1TPT)

For sample adults in 2007 who took a second vitamin supplement to treat a specific condition and also received prescription medication to treat that condition (VIT2TPMED), similar information was collected on the timing of that prescription medication (VIT2TPMEDTIM) and the use and timing of other conventional medical treatments.

For more information about the full range of variables related to vitamins, see VITANY and VITMO.


VIT1TPMEDTIM is only available in 2007.


  • 2007: Sample adults age 18+ who received prescription medications for the condition they used the first vitamin supplement to treat or cure the most.


  • 2007