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For sample adults who responded, "Yes" to the question, "Have you ever heard of tuberculosis?" (TBHEARD) and who reported knowing "a lot," "some," or "a little" about tuberculosis (TB) (TBKNOW), TBSMOKE indicates whether the respondent believed that tuberculosis can be spread by smoking.

Data Collection Methods

Interviewers asked, "How is TB spread?" Respondents were then handed a card with five specific choices (including "from smoking") plus "other." From 2001 forward, the card included the statement, "You may choose more than one." The survey form directed interviewers to probe for additional answers by asking, "Can TB be spread in any other way?" and to mark all categories chosen by the respondent.


Other choices specified on the flashcard for 2000 forward were:

  • Breathing the air around a person who is sick with TB (TBSICKAIR)
  • Sharing eating / drinking utensils (TBDISHES)
  • Through semen or vaginal secretions shared during sexual intercourse (TBSEX)
  • From mosquito or other insect bites (TBINSECT)


TBSMOKE is completely comparable across survey years.


  • 2000-2010: Sample adults age 18+ who have heard of TB and reported knowing a lot, some, or a little about TB.


  • 2000-2010