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One-third subsample weight for 1977


SUB77WT is a 5-digit numeric variable.

0: Not in Universe


SUBP77WT is an NHIS-provided variable for weighting variables from a series of questions answered by a one-third sub-sample of sample persons ages 20 and older in 1977 (SUBSRESP77). NHIS documentation indicates that this weight is created by multiplying the basic weight by 3.204.  Users should note that the basic weight referenced is not comparable to the final annual person weight, PERWEIGHT, but instead to a finalized version of the basic weight prior to modification to create the annual weight, PERWEIGHT. 

Users should review the documentation for extracted variables--most notably the "Weights" section toward the top of each variable description--to ascertain which weight is the appropriate choice for a given survey year. See the User Notes on the use of sampling weights for additional information.


There are no comparability issues.


  • 1977: Sub-sampled persons age 20+.


  • 1977