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Frequency of stretching activity: Times per week


STRETCHFWK is a 2-digit-numeric variable.

00: Not in Universe
94: Less than once per week
95: Never
96: Unable to do this activity
97: Unknown-refused
98: Unknown-not ascertained
99: Unknown-don't know


STRETCHFWK is a recoded variable created by the staff at the National Center for Health Statistics that draws upon the information in STRETCHFTP (Frequency of stretching activity: Time period) and STRETCHFNO (Frequency of stretching activity: Number of units) and reports the frequency of stretching leisure-time physical activities in terms of a single time unit, times per week.

Stretching leisure-time physical activities are described in the survey question itself as "physical activities designed to stretch your muscles such as yoga, exercises like bending side-to-side, toe touches, and leg stretches."

For general discussion of how and why the NHIS collected information on adult physical activity for 1997 forward, see VIG10FNO (Frequency of vigorous activity 10+ minutes: Number of units).


STRETCHFWK is available in 2001 only.


  • 2001: Sample adults age 18+.


  • 2001