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SPRULE is a 2-digit numeric variable.

0: No spouse or partner assigned


SPRULE is a constructed variable that indicates the method used to assign probable spouse and partner links in SPLOC.

Each of the two digits of SPRULE indicates our confidence in the assigned probable spouse and partner link. The first digit reflects the specificity of the relationship between the spouses or partners and the second digit reflects the household composition.

SPRULE First Digit Significance


A definitive relationship.
Child to child-in-law.

Could link to multiple different relationship types.
Child to other relative.

A valid but unclear relationship link.
Child to a child.

SPRULE Second Digit Significance

Household composition

Only one potential spouse or partner. Note that this includes same-sex couples.
One married child and one married child-in-law.

More than one potential spouse, but only one of the opposite sex. Same-sex couples will not be identified in this step.
One married female child, one married male child, one married male child-in-law, and one married female child-in-law.

Multiple opposite sex spouse/partner options available; potential matches were sorted by age and matched. Same-sex couples will not be identified in this step.
Two married female children and two married male children-in-law.

Two people in the household who are married or partnered, the same age, the same sex, and able to marry the same people; location in the household will be used to select spouses. Same-sex couples will not be identified in this step.
Two married female children who are both 35; location in household will be used to select between the two male children-in-law.

5 or 6
Multiple potential spouse/partner options available and the potential links are same-sex.
These links are suspect and rare.


Because RELATE and related variables change across years, in some years certain links are unavailable. For example, the information used to determine if someone is a child-in-law (RELMOM and RELPOP) is only available in 1998 and later. So, a child of a householder will never have a SPRULE value of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 prior to 1998.


  • 1963-2018: All persons.


  • 1963-2018


  • No weights are available for this variable. Please refer to SPRULE for more information.