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Sex of sample adult's spouse

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults who are married (MARSTCOHAB), SPOUSESEX indicates whether the sample adult's spouse is male or female. The following information is gathered for the sample adult's spouse:

  • SPOUSAGE: Age of sample adult's spouse
  • SPOUSEDUC: Education level of sample adult's spouse
  • SPOUSWRK: Sample adult's spouse works for pay at a job or business
  • SPOUSWKFT: Sample adult's spouse works full time
PRTNRSEX and PRTNRAGE report the sex and age of the sample adult's unmarried partner, respectively.


This variable is completely comparable over time.


  • 2019-2020: Sample adults age 18+ who are currently married (MARSTCOHAB) and their spouse has a person number that is not zero or blank.


  • 2019-2020