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Most likely to do if someone smokes in public, no rules

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For sample respondents age 18 and over, this variable indicates responses to the question, "When you are inside a public place that has no rules about smoking and someone else lights up a cigarette, what are you most likely to do -- ask the person not to smoke, move away, do nothing, or something else?" Respondents were handed a card and asked to choose from responses listed above.


Respondents who were current smokers were also asked whether or not they would smoke in a public place that has no rules about smoking (SMOKPUBSELF).


This variable is only available for 1992.


  • 1987: Half of sample persons age 18+ (excluded from CAEP supplement) who haven't smoked 100 cigarettes or who have smoked 100 cigarettes but never smoked regularly or who smoked regularly and whose current smoking status is unknown.
  • 1992: Half of sample persons age 18+ in quarters 1 and 2 and in 2 weeks of quarter 3 (excluded from CAEP supplement).


  • 1987, 1992