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For sample adults aged 50 and older or, beginning in 2018, sample adults aged 50 and older who have ever had a shingles vaccine (SHOTSHNGEV), SHOTZOSTEV reports whether or not someone has ever had Zostavax, a vaccine for shingles that requires one shot.

Beginning in 2018, a series of variables covering shingles vaccinations became available. Please refer to SHOTSHNGEV for more information about other shingles vaccination variables.


Aside from slight changes in the universe, question wording, and surrounding question series introduced in 2018, this variable is comparable over time.

Before 2018, a single shingles vaccination question was asked of all sample adults 50 years of age and older:

"A vaccine for shingles has been available since May 2006. Have you ever had the Zoster (ZOSS-ter) or Shingles vaccine, also called Zostavax?"

Beginning in 2018, this question became one of a series of questions about shingles vaccines. Instead of being asked a single shingles vaccine question, sample adults aged 50 and older were first asked:

"There are two vaccines now available for shingles: Zostavax, which requires 1 shot, and Shingrix, a new vaccine which requires 2 shots. Have you had a vaccine for shingles?"

Respondents who indicated that they had ever had a vaccine for shingles were then asked:

"Have you ever had Zostavax, the shingles vaccine that requires one shot?"

The NHIS questionnaire was substantially redesigned in 2019 to introduce a different data collection structure and new content. For more information on changes in terminology, universes, and data collection methods beginning in 2019, please see the user note.


  • 2008-2017: Sample adults 50+.
  • 2018: Sample adults 50+ who have had a shingles vaccine.
  • 2019-2021: Sample adults 50+ who have had a shingles vaccine (SHOTSHNGEV).


  • 2008-2021