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Time since last school problem conference: Recode

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample children ages 5-17 who have ever been asked to have a non-routine school conference about problems the sample child was having, SCONFTIMR is a recoded variable that reports the time since the last non-routine conference, in intervals.

SCONFTIMR is part of the Child Health supplement, first released in 1981. This supplement includes a number of questions on child's schooling. For more information and related variables, please see GOSCHOOLEV, or use the IPUMS NHIS search function and drop-down menus.


Slight changes in interval coding may affect comparability between years. Researchers should look closely at response category intervals before making comparisons.


  • 1981: Sample persons age 5 to 17 in first grade or higher, who have ever been asked to have a conference for a school problem.
  • 1988: Sample persons age 5-17 who have ever attended school, who either are not in school or are on vacation from school or are in/will be in first grade through college senior or in an ungraded school (or for whom it was unknown if they were in school or on vacation or whose grade level was unknown), AND whose school has ever asked someone to come in to talk about problems child was having.


  • 1981, 1988