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Record type


Rectype is a 1-character alphabetic variable.

H Household
P Person
I Injury


RECTYPE is an IPUMS NHIS-constructed variable that allows users to discriminate between household, person, and injury/poisoning records. For non-vacant households, each household record is followed by one or more person records. Data at the household level pertain to each person in the household.

The IPUMS NHIS variable RECTYPE should not be confused with the NHIS public use variable "rectype," which distinguishes each NHIS file type (e.g., household, person, conditions, sample adult, etc.).


Other than the addition of sub-person record types in some years (e.g., injury/poisoning records beginning in 1997), there are no comparability issues.


  • All households.


  • 1963-2018


  • No weights are available for this variable. Please refer to Description for more information.