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Paralysis weight for condition records


This is a 11-digit numeric variable.


PARALWT is an IPUMS NHIS-constructed variable that harmonizes chronic paralysis prevalence factors for the person-level variable PARALANYNOWC for the years 1978-1996.

For 1978-1996, the survey question associated with PARALANYNOWC was asked of persons living in 1/3 of households. This is a contrast with most of the chronic condition variables from that period, which were asked of persons living in 1/6 of households. (The other exception to this rule, apart from PARALANYNOWC, is DIABETICYRC.)

To account for this larger universe, a special weight must be used when analyzing PARALANYNOWC for 1978-1996. For persons who are "in universe" for PARALANYNOWC, PARALWT is calculated in three steps:

  • First, the variable CCFACT is divided by a multiple of 10 to insert a decimal point. Because the width of CCFACT changes across years, the divisor also changes. For 1978, CCFACT is divided by 1,000,000. For 1979-1981, CCFACT is divided by 100,000,000. For 1982-1996, CCFACT is divided by 1,000,000,000.
  • Second, the resulting quotient is multiplied by PERWEIGHT.
  • Third, the resulting product is divided by 2.

Persons who are considered "not in universe" (NIU) for PARALANYNOWC are given a weight of 0 in PARALWT.

Users should note that PARALANYNOWC must be weighted with PERWEIGHT, rather than PARALWT, in 1969, 1971, 1976, and 1977.


There are no comparability issues with PARALWT.


  • 1978-1981: Persons living in 1/3 of households (who received Condition List 2 or 4).
  • 1982-1996: Persons living in 1/3 of households (who received Condition List 1 or 2).


  • 1978-1996


  • No weights are available for this variable. Please refer to PARALWT for more information.